Black Daisy's Makeover!

Well folks I've really don't it this time. I decided to give my Subie a makeover. Five years of waiting for the warranty to expire gave me plenty of time to think what I wanted to change. Also, being involved with NASA this year added to the list of things I wanted to change on my car.

My main pet peeve since I bought the car was the suspension. Did I mention how much I hated how soft the suspension was? If felt like I was driving a boat. After a couple years of racing I started to really hate the brakes. Especially after the incident with the caliper housing bolt backed out, I lost all confidence in my brakes.

Naturally I stared looking into different brands of brakes. I looked at Brembo, StopTech, and AP Racing. Out of the 3 StopTech's website was the easiest to navigate through. It was the only one that I found a wheel fitment template for. It was also the cheaper option without sacrificing quality. Luckily Rally Sport Direct has a sale on StopTech and I was able to save about $500. I only got the front big brakes because the rear really don't do much. I got the ST-40 big brakes with 355mm slotted rotor.
Now I knew if I upgrade my brakes the car will stop faster and my stock suspension would not be able to keep up. The springs were too soft and causing my car to dive really hard picking up the back end. It felt as if the rear was going to fish tail on me braking on the straight away. I decided to go with Tein Street Flex. Reflected Image Motorsports gave me a GREAT deal on these. They are not the high end suspension but they will work for what I need them for. I don't plan on tracking the car after I get my license so it will save the life of the suspension.
Because of the suspension I didn't know if I would need wheel spacers to provide additional clearance for the coilovers. So I decided that I would get extended studs and new wheel bearings just in case. My wheel bearings were already 6 years old and if I needed to add wheel spacers it would add additional stress to the them and would eventually have to replace them anyway. I read in various forums that Timken was THE brand to go with.

In addition to all these parts suspension, wheel bearings, and extended studs, and brakes. I knew I  would need to get a minimum 18 in wheels  to accommodate the big brakes. I used TireRack's website to see what my options were. The pickings were pretty slim due to the fact I wanted to have 18x8.5. I learned my bolt pattern on the WRX limited my choices (5 x 100) vs the STI (5 x 114). I also wanted the wheels to be close to weight as my OZ Rally Ultraleggeras. The only choice was the Enkei Racing PF01 weighing in at 18.5 lbs. I also decided to go with wider tires and went with my all time favorite brand Dunlop Dizzerra ZII Star Specs. The size I went with as 245/30/18.

In addition to my husband helping me put all these fabulous parts together, we had our long time friend Dustin Greenleaf help too. Dustin graduated from WyoTech and knows everything about cars, welding, and diesel engines. Check out the pictures below of Black Dasiy's transformation.

Aaron from Reflected Image Motorsports really took care of me. 
He answered all of my questions and concerns and got my parts in a timely manner.

Look at how huge these rotors are!
So excited for these calipers!
Subie just about stipped down. Pulled of wheel bearings, brake system, and strut.
Dustin installing extended studs

My husband helping out and my dog thinking she's invited to the Subie Makeover Party.

Coated my coilovers to help with Utah's harsh winters

ooooo...checkout how much wider these tires are

Subie looks so funny with the new18 in wheels in the front and the old 17 in wheels in the rear. Look at the wheel gap!

Taking a break and goofing off

Putting the WRX's parking brake back together was a pain!

Had to basically dismantle the trunk to install coilovers

Tire rubbing on the fender  :\

Had to get all the fenders rolled. Walt at Simple Performance did an AWESOME job!

Subie also needed an alignment from Simple Performance
Finished Product!

I was able to get 3 HPDE sessions with Black Daisy before the accident. But she felt AMAZING!!! OMG! What a difference! I was actually passing people this time around. I had a corvette chasing me around the track. He couldn't keep up with me on the corners, he would almost catch up to me on the straightaways though. My time was pretty consistent on the outer loop 2:25 to 2:26. I can't wait until Sept to try her out some more!