EXEDY Stage 2 Clutch Review

Don’t you love it when things go out in your car? I do…not! Two weeks ago my clutch started going out. Yay! (Hint of sarcasm, okay maybe a lot of sarcasm). I knew I didn’t want another stock clutch. It seems to go out every 3 years because of racing. I only had a few hours to research due to the fact that my HPDE session was coming up in a week. I had only a few hours to research, order parts, and find someone to install the parts. I love working on my car but this is too big of a job for me. I found ACT, EXEDY, and Competition clutches are the most recommended brands. My gut told me to go with EXEDY. So I quickly did research on Stage 1 and Stage 2 clutches.

I looked into Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit. It was able to handle enough torque at the wheels (301) but I needed something that could take more heat for the track. I think this clutch would be awesome application for autocross though.

Looking into Stage 2 Cerametallic Clutch Kit (Thick) it also has enough torque capacity at wheels (350). This allows for scalability if I decide to increase my horsepower. This clutch also allows greater heat capacity and better durability out on the track.

The clutch kit comes with alignment tool, pilot bearing, and grease. Clutch (left) & flywheel (right)

From what I have read the Stage 2 clutch is not too much fun daily driving it. And it’s true *smh*. I paired the clutch with an EXEDY Lightweight Racing Flywheel. Why you may ask? Because I didn’t have time to get the OEM flywheel resurfaced. And it's made out of one-piece billet chromoly steel. The clutch is SUPER soft and to engage the clutch it is way way up there. Which really surprised me I was expecting a very stiff clutch. I feel like I’m going to break my knee because I keep hyperextending it just to engage the clutch. The point to engage the clutch is also very sensitive. If I don’t engage correctly I either burn the clutch or make the entire chassis shudder. I really hate it when I do both. One smells really bad and I think to myself I’m going to ruin this brand new clutch.  The other just feels horrible I keep thinking my whole car is going to rattle apart just like in those cartoons where the driver is left with just the steering wheel in hand. LOL!

But out on the track it was awesome!!! I had absolutely no issues with burning the clutch or shuddering. This clutch LOVES high RPMs. But I warn you if you have the RPMs too high when down shifting it will stop the car so violently it feels like your chest is going to be crushed from the seatbelt locking up. I didn’t think that’s very good for the tranny. So I quickly learned to match up the RPMs better.

Overall I think this clutch is FANTASTIC for the track but out on the streets you have to be very patient with yourself and the clutch to find the sweet spot. I learned that if the car starts shaking violently it means I didn’t rev up the RPMs high enough for it. But I can’t rev up the RPMs too high because it causes me to drop the clutch and the car doesn’t go anywhere and it stinks up the entire car. I am slowly getting better at it. 1st gear and reverse are still the most challenging for me.
I wouldn’t recommend this clutch if your car still produces below 350 whp and it’s going to be just be your daily driver. It’s so not worth the money and trouble. But if you are going to track it I would highly recommend it, it performs the way it was designed to.

I have to give special thanks to Aaron at Reflected Image Motorsports (http://www.reflectedimagemotorsports.com) who got my parts within hours of ordering. Also to Rusty Horlacher (the SLC Subaru Guru) who impressively was able to install my new clutch in 2 hours!!! He also installed a pedal support bracket to help prevent firewall failure and to improve brake and clutch feel. I would highly recommend this bracket to replace the OEM one. The squeaking and popping noises stopped and my pedals feels like they did when I first bought the car.