RIP Subie (updated)

It has been a long time since my last post, I have been making some major changes to my car. But I felt before I write about my Subie I needed to write about my friend's Subie. It was a perfect track day, sunny but not too hot, with a gentle breeze blowing into the garage. Couldn't ask for a better day. Jon, my first ever NASA instructor, and I usually rent a garage together. You know to help with the already high cost of racing. He's a pretty cool cat to chat about anything. His family is also equally fun to hang out with. I love being able to practice my Spanish with his ma.

We always say we need to take pics of our cars together. I told him we totally need to do selfies with our cars. We agreed after the racing was done we'll have the cars facing the same way. Little did I know this would be the last photo of our Subie's together.

Jon's friends fixing his passanger seat before we go out on the track

Jon's friends fixing his passanger seat before we go out on the track

On Jon's last session he agreed to take me along for the ride. I was SOOO excited to be among real competitors on the track. He started his Subie, I thought it was loud from the outside, it was even louder from the inside. It sounded so good! We headed off to the track for the first 2 laps Jon kept catching up a pair of BRZ's that were being slowed down by some Acura. Turn after turn Jon kept fighting his way through them until finally on the 3rd lap we had the whole track to ourselves and it was awesome! I admit I was envious of how his car felt. It had grip to die for. I loved how his BOV sounded, it sounded so cool. I was having the time of my life!!! I couldn't stop smiling :)  We were probably going between 80-90 MPH on a very scary turn called "Witchcraft" the car felt grippy just like it did on the other laps when all of a sudden I felt the rear tires lost grip.


As soon as we lost grip, the car turned 180 degrees, facing the wrong way on the track while sliding closer and closer to the metal grate wall. I saw that the car was not going to stop anytime soon. I pressed my right foot hard on the floor of the car thinking I was hitting the gas pedal,  somehow thinking I was in control of the vehicle. I shut my eyes and thought to myself "This is really going to hurt!" With my eyes still shut it felt as if we flipped over. I hit my head hard on the roll bar and maybe on Jon's helmet. When the commotion stopped I opened my eyes, to my surprise we were still the right way up. I looked down to my legs and arms everything was still intact, just had a cut on my had and first thought was I didn't want to bleed all over Jon's car, stupid right? I was in shock that Jon and I were alive, breathing, and no broken bones. I still don't know why I started crying when Jon asked if I was okay. Maybe it was relief? Maybe it was my way of dealing? Maybe too many hits to my head?

After the emergency crew got there we were able to get out of the car and see the damage. I felt so bad for Jon, I know how much time, money, work, and love he put in his Subie. I know he was pissed off at himself, probably still pissed at himself. But at least we are alive, some other people are not as lucky as us. It's like what Jon's mom told us, "These things happen for a reason. Now you know what it is like to crash and what to expect so you can be mentally stronger if it happens again."


Later we talked to a photographer who was taking photos on that turn. He showed us pics of us crashing into the wall. When we hit the wall the car went up the driver side two wheels, my side was up in the air like 6 feet before coming back down. The photographer also said we left quite the dent in the wall. We pushed it back a couple of feet :/

Here are the pics he took:

This post if for you Jon, my heart goes out to you and your car. I can't imagine what it feels like to loose your Subie, I just know that we Subie owners truly love our cars. But remember we were pretty damn lucky that day. Hope you are doing well. I know you'll be out on the race track in no time soon.