Race on 7/27/2014

After a month of being ill I was able to race on July 27, 2014 at Miller Motorsports Park on the Midway Lot. It started out as a fantastic nice and sunny day, I was pumped and ready. Each lap I got a a perfect launch off the line. I didn't ride the clutch and got the turbo to spool up just right to get into second gear quickly. The course had 2 slaloms, 1 at the beginning of the course and one towards the end. There was also a big sweeper in the middle of the course that required a 180 degree turn (my fav!). After the 180 degree turn there was a crossover into the next slalom.

Here are the times for the day, unfortunately I started to feel ill again and couldn't race in the afternoon. I noticed at the beginning I missed the first cone at the beginning of the second slalom. Then I got the hand of it. My best time of the day was 41.923 secs, I placed 22nd place in PAX.

Pax Time Results
#18 - PE 18 Miller East Sunday 7_27_14 - Sun 07-27-2014
Timed Entries: 30

DS - 'D Stock' - Total Entries: 1 Trophies: 1Car ColorTimesTotal
1TDS18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRXBlack43.101+DNF42.809+DNF43.20941.92341.300+241.923

221DS18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRX41.923*0.81534.1670.3235.252
I can't wait until I feel better and can race soon!!!