WOW Tomorrow (UPDATED)

I am soooo excited for tomorrow, I will be at Miller Motorsports Park! I signed up for  their Wide Open Wednesday (WOW) plus session. It includes 20 minutes in the classroom and 20 minutes on the track with the instructor.  As a bonus they give you a FREE Annual Membership for the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). I am going to have to check out NASA and see what they are all about. I am always up for trying different types of racing.

I encourage everyone to try this program out it was a blast! I learned a lot how to race on the track. Where the APEX is, how to take certain turns to feel the most grip in my car, what not to do, etc. When I took turns with maximized grip my car felt good and I was able to carry alot of speed out of the turn. I also experienced what happens when the car is unsettled and I press the brakes, I almost spun out, but I saved it. The instructor with my was very helpful and encouraging. He said I would have no problem in their HPDE Group 1, I think I am going to give it a shot. It was so much fun I can't wait to get on the track again. Check out my videos below:

This one was at the very beginning, I catched up to a Porsche

This one was my best run