My Setup

Tires & Wheels

Tires are the MOST important thing in Autocross. If you can't put the power down or have grip on corners you will lose seconds off of your time. I wanted a tire that could grip in hot weather and in rain. The bittersweet part is Dunlop does not make this tire anymore but they have a replacement the Direzza ZII. 
These tires are really sticky I love them they have quick steering response and they have helped with some of the understeer I was getting with the factory tires (Dunlop SP Sport 01). The drawbacks are they create a hard and loud ride especially on the freeway and knocks down 1 to 2 MPGs. Oh well it's a price I'm willing to pay. 

Now to talk about my beautiful wheels. I choose these because I wanted something lighter when I change my tires from summer to winter. Here in Utah around spring it is so unpredictable if it will snow or not. This happened at one of my events where it started to hail on us. Then on the way home it was snowing. It didn't stop snowing for the rest of the night. Needless to say I had to change my tires back to winter tires to be able to work the next day. The stock wheels are about 26 lbs each the O.Z. are 16 lbs each. They are constructed using low pressure casting making strong and light without completing emptying the pocket book compared to other wheels of the same weight.

Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec (225/45R17) tires
O.Z. Racing Ultraleggera wheels

Brakes & Rotors

Love, love, love these brakes!!! Yeah they dust like crazy and squeak like crazy but they STOP! These are sooo much better then my stock brakes. My husband thought I was a bit crazy to spend so much money on these brakes until they came in handy.

It was a couple of weeks ago some crazy person thought it would be smart to turn left in front of me while I was going straight down the road. My car was on a collision course to T-Bone him because he was only a car and a half length in front of me. But I slammed on my brakes and immediately they slowed me down from 45 MPH to almost a dead stop in what seemed like a second. I am glad no one was behind me because I don't think they could of stopped as fast. Thankfully I avoided being in a accident that day. My husband said to me, "Those brakes have proven themselves today. That and you're extra sticky tires." Who said race performance parts aren't useful for daily driving?

In order to save some money I decided to get the Centric Premium Rotors I really wanted the DBA 4000 Series Blank Rotors but they cost 2x more then the Centrics. Is seems the rotors and these brakes make a good pairing. When I have more cash next time I'll go with the DBA and see if there is significant difference. There are other brands I could of gone with like Brembo or Hawk, but I couldn't find any blank rotors. If I get slotted or drilled rotors it bumps me up a class :(

Hawk Performance HP Plus Brake Pads
Centric Premium Brake Rotors

Swaybar and Endlinks

Now in stock class I am only allowed to get 1 sway bar either the front or the rear.  I choose a rear sway bar for my car because my biggest pet peeve about my car is it's body roll. Subaru made the suspension way too soft in my opinion. Also the understeer in this car is atrocious! Even with the new tires and negative camber alignment done I still had issues. So I got a Whiteline Rear sway bar to help me out. It now behaves like a RWD car. In a sharp turn the back end picks up a bit and swings around, this is really helpful for courses with a 180 degree turn. I am still getting used to it because if I brake the wrong way it will start to fish tail. I also upgraded the endlinks because the Subaru ones are so puny and rusted. I definitely did not feel safe racing with those. 

Whiteline Rear Sway bar - 22mm X heavy duty blade adjustable
Kartboy Rear Endlinks

Ciao Jamie!