Don't Let Others Dictate Who You Are

"Don't Let Others Dictate Who You Are" That was main message of the podcast with Sparta Chicks. 

I was so excited to learn about Sparta Chicks. It's a podcast made for women like me--brave women.  Just read what they are about below, doesn't it speak to you? It totally spoke to me!


This was the first time I laid out all my cards on the table, the first time I have ever spoken in public about my medical condition and how it made me push harder to heal myself. I can't explain why I thought it was time to share it. Maybe it's because I keep seeing so many suicides on the news. Maybe it's all the school shootings. I thought well what if those people had MTHFR too? What if they seek a doctor to test them and their life is turned around? Just like my life has for the better.

My hope for my story is to help as many people as I can. So I decided it was time to share how I crawled out of the darkest place in my life to being a badass racecar driver. I just want to let those who are hurting that there is hope even though it doesn't seem like it at times. I survived and so can you. Here is the link to the podcast.

After listening to the podcast in case you are interested in WTF is MTHFR gene mutation I found some links (down below) that could explain it a hell of a lot better than I but I will try. First off I'm definitely not a doctor nor an experiment in this field. I will explain my understanding from a high level point of view. What I have is a genetic mutation that doesn't allow me to properly convert food into the amino acids and chemicals I need. Also my body does not detox environmental toxins like 2nd hand smoking, chemicals in food or water, the list can go on and on. I also don't react to pharmaceutical drugs like everyone else. I actually got a genetic test done to see what drugs are okay for me and what are not. That test explained so much! Like why anti-depressant/anti anxiety medicine didn't work for me.

So I take a specific B12 vitamin called methylcobalamin. I have to do injections and under the tongue tablet that helps kick off the biochemistry chain reaction that happens. Called Methylation Cycle and Folate Cycle (You should seriously google "Methylfolate Cycle" and you'll see the crazy ass biochemistry diagrams associated with this. I feel like you need a PHd or something to read it). Because I have the Compound heterozgous A1298C + C677T MTHFR mutation I don't methylate 70% of the time. That means my body is not converting correctly nor detoxing 70% of the time. I'm like an un-tuned car running horribly even though you put premium gas it. My doctor told me that 45% of the population has this but no ones they have it and general physicians no nothing about it. 

Anyways after I found out about this it motivated me to heal quickly because in racing you gotta be 100% on point. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank my bffs Perl and Laura for being there for me. Also, want to thank my family for helping me, and last but definitely not least my Husband Nate, I don't know what I would of done without you. 

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