Tuned in Tokyo Colorado

It has been a while since I have showed my car in a car show, I think the last time was Import Spring Showoff in 2017. I wanted to use this opportunity to understand the car scene in Colorado. When I first got there I didn't see any other race car but definitely A LOT of Subarus. Coincidence I think not. 


The car show was at the Ranch Complex in Loveland, CO. It was a beautiful venue with a lot of green grass. The rules were no outside food or drink was allowed. There was supposed to be food and drink at the venue but their vendor quit at the last minute. Noon hit and I was starving. I said, "Fuck it I'm going to make some lettuce wraps in the trailer and sneak it in."  It was a pretty hot day. I am lucky that we had water and ice in the trailer to keep going back and forth for water because the venue had zero water.  

Then they started to sell bottle of water for $2, IMO that was too much money. Because of the lack of food they ordered pizzas and gave them away for free, 1 slice per person. I would of gotten a slice for me but I am gluten intolerant and couldn't have any, wah wah. 

We were lucky to have shade by my car, it was funny to see people's reactions to it. I don't think they quite knew it was a race car. I went and talked to a few of them and they were shocked that 1) It was my car 2) I raced it. It was starting to get old. I think my next set of shirts I sell are going to say, "Yes this is my car and yes, I race it. Get over it" LOL!

We went around to look at all the beautiful cars, and to my surprise there where Rally Cross race cars! OMG! They were my favorite car there. 

They had two contests at the event that were actually pretty fun. One was the limbo contest and the second one was the 2-Step. If you follow my Instagram I was live right in the middle of the limbo action. I didn't get any video of the 2-stop, way too many people surrounded the cars. The event was from 12pm to 6pm. All day we were waiting for the judges and didn't see them.

Then on my way to the bathroom I saw them with the awards and placing papers on them. It seemed that they have already chosen their winners. I went up to them and asked, "Are you guys done judging already? Because I still have a paper on my car. In fact the 3 rows next to me do too." They assured me that they were not done judging. As I was talking to my new found friend Matthew of Cartune Network about my car I see a judge come grab my paper look at my car for 2 secs and left. He did this with all the rest of the cars.

I was annoyed at this so my hubby and I were to hungry to watch the awards so we left to get some dinner. But later I found out thatCartune Network got 2 awards! 1st place in Best Domestic and Top 25. Woot woot!



Overall my opinion the event was a little pricey. $40 for car registration, $20 for a participant, plus service fees. The total I spent for my husband and I was about $68.  Especially when they didn't have food vendors show, charge too much for water, and didn't judge cars fairly. I don't think I would go back to this car show.  But I am glad I went, I got to meet really nice people and got the 411 about Colorado's car scene.