New Jersey Motorsports Park Global Time Attack

The journey with a 45 ft 5th wheel to go to NJ is a PIA to say the least. The main problem was Google doesn't know how big we are. There are sooo many roads that have weight and height restrictions. The other problem was toll roads. We were not going to pay over $400 in tolls when that money could go to fuel costs. The alternative roads were usually tiny country two-lane highway roads. The other thing we ran into was signs for a tunnel that did not allow propane and certain weight. We got off the soonest exit and it took us straight in the middle of Trenton, NJ.


The NJMP facility was pretty cool with go-karting, paintball, pub, and 2 different race tracks. GTA had the lightening side. The track was beautiful, tight, and small. 

This was the first time trying out the Federal 595 RS-R. I immediately noticed the softer sidewall. The tire itself had more grip than the Michelin Pilot Super Sport on the straights. But in the turns the Federals cried out. I noticed the passenger tires rolled over from turn 9 through 10. 

I went out to practice and got a 1:22:402. I went out with 32 psi front 33 psi rear, cold temps. I dropped it to my normal 28 psi front 29 psi rear cold temps just to see what it would feel like. NOPE. Tires had no grip and I felt all over place, the Federals felt a lot better with higher psi.

During the first session I was honing in turns 2-5, I felt like I was getting the hang of trail braking where I needed to. I was still playing with turns 9 and 10 to see what felt right.


During the second session I wanted to continue tweak turn 5 to 6. But after about 5 laps my tires felt funny. I felt like they weren't gripping right and at the same time I felt that the power was inconsistent. It felt almost like fuel starvation but not. Then I started to smell oil burning. Whenever my intuition tells me to get off the track I do. I got off and checked the tires nothing wrong with them. I saw my brakes smoking which explains why my brakes felt a bit squishy. 

Everything seemed okay, until I got back in the car and starting rolling through the hot pits. The car couldn't keep idle and died right in front of the flagger, Tony.  I try to start the car but it doesn't. I pump the gas while I start and it finally started but sounded horrible and a crap ton of smoke came out of the exhaust. Then I looked at my AccessPort and I pulled -11.00 timing. I said, "craaapp", in my head. I had to keep the car in high revs to get it back to our trailer.

I opened the hood and there was oil everywhere! The catch can was full (2 cups worth) of oil, even though I emptied the day before. Intercooler and turbo intake hoses were covered inside with oil. I asked IAG if they had a compression tester,  because I thought I blew a head gasket.

IAG didn't have a tester but they were nice enough to come over and troubleshoot. They listened to the car and told me the ringlands were done. I was so sad that the engine went, but I knew one day this would happen. My Subie's engine is from the factory, 9 years old, original internals, and original turbo, with 72k miles. Even with little time on track I pulled out a 1:19:128 and got 2nd place in Enthusiasts AWD! Now it's time to save as much money as I can to get the Subie back on the track. I plan on building her bigger and faster to be able to withstand the abuse from racing a bit better. I am proud to say IAG is my newest sponsor and will help me out as much as they can!

Racing Chica