Dyno Day

I have always been so curious how much horsepower my car puts out to the wheels. I took it to Ryan at Simple Performance. I found Ryan to be super helpfully, knowledgeable, and nice. He did 3 pulls on a Mustang Dyno that has a weather machine. It has an algorithm that calculates the true whp and wtq based on sea level, temperature, humidity, etc. I was shocked at how much whp my car did! I couldn't stop smiling :) 

The WFC (Weather Correction Factor) said it was about 237 whp and 300 wtq! The torque is the one that really surprised me! Can I say #torquemonter ? Mustang dyno numbers are also a bit lower than the real thing. People usually add about 10% to the numbers. But these are just numbers, the real test is out on the track.


It seems the car could be overboosting because of the cold or MAF sensor could be dirty. I will work with Logan to get an e-tune to level out the graph. If you ever wondered what your car puts out I would highly recommend putting it on the dyno. If you decide to upgrade the car make sure to use the same dyno to not get skewed numbers. 


NASA HPDE 3 March 12-13, 2016

This HPDE write up is a little different than the other write-ups. This piece is more of an emotional peace. I didn't write down any stats like I usually do.

It's been 5 months since I have been out on the race track. I was sooo excited and couldn't wait to get back out there.  But over the winter the Subie didn't fair well.  First off I ripped off the front bumper and side skirts on a mound of snow. I was afraid that out on the race track the bumper would fly off and I would end up crashing or causing someone else to crash. I was seriously afraid I was going to die out there. But it wasn'st just the bumper that me feel uncomfortable.

It was weird for me to feel this way because even after the accident I never felt like this. I didn't think anything bad was going to happen to me when I went out to the track a month after the accident. But not this time. I wasn't as confident as I was last October. I was scared to push beyond the limits of my car. What happened to my fearlessness?

I was on UMC's (formerly known as Miller Motorsports) East Track, it's a more technical track. I felt like if I had pedal down to the ground on corners 2, 3, and 4 I would most certainly spin out or crash. I had Matt Guiver with me to see if I could move up to HPDE 4. He is the Co-regional Director of Utah NASA. He was amazing in giving me feedback. He pushed me out of my comfort zone. He definitely made me go faster than I ever have. But I was terrified, terrified to spin out. I don't know where this fear was coming from. I almost spun out like 5 times. Something I haven't done since getting the new suspension. He said I wasn't ready to move onto HPDE 4 until I worked on mid-corner speeds, unwinding the wheel more, and hitting the APEX even though you can't see the exit. The truth was I was scared to make the car go faster because I wasn't mentally ready.

Today when I thought about what happened I got emotional and started to cry. I thought to myself why didn't I push myself? I could have done so much better, been so much faster. I don't know why I am not trusting me and the car. It's like I am afraid to let go. Let go of what? I don't know. I don't want to blame it on the crash because I feel that I should be stronger than that. I feel that I should take it as a lesson learned and move on. But lately I am worried to get in another accident, I don't want another TBI in less than 7 months.

Having a TBI was an emotional healing process for me. My thoughts were not all there. My speech was slurred and I would say things backwards. My spelling was backwards and sentences too. I felt high and not able to focus. I felt slow and dumb. I couldn't remember things. I don't want to feel that way again. I am super cautious in protecting my brain now.

Even right now I feel sad almost grieving, like I lost some part of myself I will never regain.