Because Race Car

Global Time Attack Season

"Go for Broke" that is my mantra this year. I have nothing to lose, nothing to fear. I don't want to live my life with regrets. 

I decided to take a HUGE risk and race in Global Time Attack (GTA) this year. The following is the 2017 tentative schedule:

  • Feb 25---Willow Springs Raceway
  • April 15---Buttonwillow Raceway
  • May 12-13---Road Atlanta
  • June 10--- Willow Springs Raceway
  • July 16---Auto Club Speedway
  • Oct 1---Auto Club Speedway
  • Nov 9-10--- Buttonwillow Raceway

I plan on racing in all the events except for February. I have a lot of suspension and aero work I have to do. I will do my damnest to finish everything before February. The reason for attending GTA is to share my passion for cars and racing with the world. GTA gets quite the social media coverage. 

I am asking for help from everyone, I created a GoFundMe page please check it out and share if you know anyone who is passionate about Motorsports.

Dyno Day

I have always been so curious how much horsepower my car puts out to the wheels. I took it to Ryan at Simple Performance. I found Ryan to be super helpfully, knowledgeable, and nice. He did 3 pulls on a Mustang Dyno that has a weather machine. It has an algorithm that calculates the true whp and wtq based on sea level, temperature, humidity, etc. I was shocked at how much whp my car did! I couldn't stop smiling :) 

The WFC (Weather Correction Factor) said it was about 237 whp and 300 wtq! The torque is the one that really surprised me! Can I say #torquemonter ? Mustang dyno numbers are also a bit lower than the real thing. People usually add about 10% to the numbers. But these are just numbers, the real test is out on the track.


It seems the car could be overboosting because of the cold or MAF sensor could be dirty. I will work with Logan to get an e-tune to level out the graph. If you ever wondered what your car puts out I would highly recommend putting it on the dyno. If you decide to upgrade the car make sure to use the same dyno to not get skewed numbers.