Race on 9/6/2014

Another good day! Race took place at the Maverick Center Parking Lot. It started out pouring rain in the morning, after an hour the sun came out and dried up the course.

This course was a bit tricky ALOT of tight turns, there was not a whole lot of wiggle room. There were a few spots I had to break down the car hard to make the turns, then slowly build up the turbo boost.

But it was still a fun day, a good day. I placed 5th in PAX!!! I am so proud of the improvement I am making so far this season. My goal is to see my name at the top of the PAX . From the beginning to the end I was able to shave off 4 secs. of my time.

Pax Time Results
#22 - PE 22 Maverik Saturday - Sat 09-06-2014
Timed Entries: 32
Pax Pos.Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelTotalFactorPax TimeDiff.From 1st
11DSR52Gordon Anderson2012 Mazda Mazdaspeed 346.908*0.82538.6990.0000.000
21STX91Stephen Curtis"2006 Mazda ""Echo"""47.307*0.82739.1220.4230.423
31GS72Christopher Cook2013 Ford Focus ST48.666*0.80639.2240.1020.525
41STU44Tom Stokes2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX46.407*0.84639.2600.0360.561
51DS18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRX48.377*0.81539.4270.1670.728

DS - 'D Stock' - Total Entries: 1 Trophies: 1Car ColorTimesTotal
1TDS18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRXBlack52.982+151.34450.36252.19149.78248.377
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