Race on 9/1/2014

This was my best race yet! In the morning I was #1 in PAX!!! I am definitely getting faster and faster!

By the end of the day I ended up in 14th place. I have never been in the top 15 before. I started with 54.033 secs and was able to shave off 5 secs with my best time of 49.396. I almost got a 48.882 secs but I hit a pesky cone at the end, I was so mad. I'll get it next time!

Pax Time Results
#21 - PE 21 Maverick Center Monday - Mon 09-01-2014
Timed Entries: 76
Pax Pos.Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelTotalFactorPax TimeDiff.From 1st
11dsr52Gordon Anderson2012 Mazda Mazdaspeed 347.248*0.82538.9790.0000.000
21gs72Christopher Cook2013 Ford Focus ST48.471*0.80639.0670.0880.088
31stx4Tyler Oborn2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS47.514*0.82739.2940.2270.315
41smf126Matt Linford1994 Mazda MX646.178*0.85139.2970.0030.318
52stx93George Curtis1995 BMW 325is47.685*0.82739.4350.1380.456
63stx41David Benson2008 Mazda MazdaSpeed347.943*0.82739.6480.2130.669
74stx91Stephen Curtis1993 BMW 325is48.195*0.82739.8570.2090.878
81hs2michael beck2003 Subaru sti50.113*0.79739.9400.0830.961
92smf26Ryan Dillin1994 Mazda MX-646.993*0.85139.9910.0511.012
101sm10Dallin Felton2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X45.991*0.87040.0120.0211.033
111stu1Evan Kooda2007 Subaru WRX STI47.386*0.84640.0880.0761.109
121str91Brandon Davis2009 Mazda MX-547.899*0.83840.1390.0511.160
132str52Corey Cooper2002 Mazda Miata47.944*0.83840.1770.0381.198
141ds18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRX49.396*0.81540.2570.0801.278

1Tds18Jamie Moreno