Sexual Harassment in Racing (Updated)

Today for the first time in my racing career I have never experienced such a disturbing incident.

As I was waiting for grid master to let me know when it is okay to head up to the start; he said that there was this cute young gal a few months ago that he commented to her she had a “nice cleavage”, she was embarrassed by that comment, and asked if that was me. It was not me but I was offended and could not believe that woman are still being sexually harassed like this. (He got me confused with the only other Latina in the club, go figure).

Just when I thought our society was heading forward there are those few that make us take five steps back because of their ignorance and stupidity.I told him that he was sexist and he should not say things like that. Then he said well I'm just old. I told him I don't care, it's rude and disrespectful. 

How could this club allow such behavior? I thought this club was a safe place for woman to race. I believe this is why some woman do not join racing clubs. It really is a shame to potentially lose great race car drivers due to women who are too embarrassed or scared to say anything when something like this happens. I hope woman say something and stand up for themselves.I will definitely not let this situation set me back, it's just adding more fuel to the fire. I want to be a role model for women to show if you have enough passion you won't let anything or anyone get in the way.

I notified the chair of the event, the director, and SCCA Headquarters as well. Hopefully this get resolved quickly. What happened to me was not right, no woman should have to tolerant this kind of disgusting behavior.


I got a response of my complaint I filed from the CEO of SCCA. It makes me sad that this organization doesn't have anything put in place for unethical behavior of members. This organization should be all about the driving. No one should have to deal with any type of discrimination. The following is their response:

"We appreciate your care and concern. There is no structure in place for this office to deal with your request other than bringing it to the attention of the Region involved which you have already done. If the Region wants to go further with this, then that is their prerogative.

However, we will pass this along to our Regions Development folks. We will ask that they make note in their presentations to Region operations people that these types of comments by event officials may be offensive or counterproductive to the goal of providing good member service."