Questions Answered

Recently I was on a podcast called CAMcast by CAM auto magazine.Check it out here

It's a local online magazine in Salt Lake City that covers mainly local racing. There were some questions that came in after the podcast was over and I wanted to answer them all. Thank you everyone for the questions!

What has been your best lap time? (Michelle Noffsinger)

  • Buttonwillow Racway Configuration #13      2:09.479
  • UMC West                                                      1:48:221
  • UMC East                                                       1:50.995
  • UMC Outer                                                    2:20.389
  • Road Atlanta                                                 1:46.211
  • Auto Club Speedway Infield                         1:22.951

What was your scariest moment during a race? (Dave Noffsinger)

The scariest moment was when I was a passenger in Jon Tapia’s car and we crashed into the Armco on Witchcraft turn at Utah Motorsports campus going about 80-90 mph.

 What's the best you have placed? (Robert Brewer)

  • 1st place in SCCA Autocross Utah Championship Series
  • 3rd place at the Auto Club Speedway in Enthusiast class in Global Time Attack

Have you ever felt any prejudice being a female driver?  (Jennifer Wolthoff)

I personally haven’t felt any prejudice, I am fortune enough to have had positive experiences in racing. I haven’t had to deal with prejudice like Shirley Muldowney “cha cha”. I have come across sexual harassment in autocross. As I was waiting for grid master to let me know when it is okay to head up to the start; he said that there was this cute young gal a few months ago that he commented to her she had a “nice cleavage”, she was embarrassed by that comment, and asked if that was me. It was not me but I was PISSED and disgusted by his comment. (He got me confused with the only other Latina in the club, go figure). I told him he shouldn’t be saying that kind of shit, it really just pissed me off.

How do you feel about an all-female F1 series? 

I think women should race with the men but it would be badass if it was a team of women! Sign me up! Jen, you and Lisa, and I should create a team  to run in F1 with all the boys. I have heard about the prejudice in the bigger leagues like NASCAR and FIA. Which is pretty sad.

Do you think there are enough women in the sport?

No, especially in the professional realm. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do. I hope through being more visible in platforms like Global Time Attack, to inspire women and girls to want to be in motorsports. The reason it’s so important to have more women is to start changing everyone’s mind of what certain people are capable of. Breaking down stereotypes benefits all of society, and has a huge impact for the next generation. People are not born with prejudices are taught and learned.

What made you start in racing? (Nikki Rushton)

First my dad was always into fast cars. I have always loved going fast. But racing really started when I bought my brand new 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX. I wanted to rally it but one of neighbors at my apartment building told me how he just ruined his car in a stage rally and I was not about to ruin my brand new car. So he told me about Autocross, I looked into, looked like a lot of fun and started to go to events. After a few years of doing autocross on and off I wanted to go faster. Utah NASA was at a car meet and explained how their program worked. You go through a HPDE program and then graduate with a Time Trial license. Sounded fun and I have seen them several times on the track at Miller Motorsports and decided to give it a shot. I attended a WOW Plus event that the track does once a month on a Wednesday. Had an instructor go with me and I was hook!

What do you hope to gain from your racing experience?

I have already gained so much from racing that I never thought about. For example, it has taught me to live in the present moment. To be in the “zone” it shouldn’t be hard or difficult it should be effortless. It has also taught me resiliency. When I fail I don’t dwell on it too much I just pick myself up and keep going forward. I don’t know what else racing will teach me but I look forward to it.

What is your next step with in the field of racing and how do you hope to achieve it?

Now that I have figured out what the best class is for my car per rules. I want to build my car to the max of that class and start placing podium more often. After doing Time Attack for a few years I would love to get into Open Wheel racing and get into the Formula 3 racing series. First, I think I need to work on marketing myself better by reaching out to more potential sponsors to show them my passion and dedication for racing. Second, creating more content for my fan base to show them more who I am and what I’m all about. Third, go to a professional racing school to hone in my skills and really clean up my techniques.

How long have you been doing this and what is one thing you love most about it? (Aud-Ray Martinez-Maez)

I have been racing for over 7 years. 4 years on and off with Autocross, 1.5 years in HPDE program, and 1.5 years in Time Attack. What I love about it the most is sense of peace it gives me. What I mean about that is racing helps wash away all my problems and stress away. It like resets and centers me.