Miller Motorsport Park is Now Utah Motorsport Campus!

It's official Tooele is keeping the track open this racing season!!! I am soooo excited! I don't have to worry about racing in another state, or possible moving to another state. So glad I don't have to worry about that kind of stuff anymore. I can just focus on getting the car prepped for this season.

Tooele has contracted Utah Motorsports Campus Inc. (aka Mitime) to run Miller Motorsport Park (MMP) this racing season while they start the sale of MMP all over again. This one year agreement doesn't mean Tooele is legally bound to sell the property to Mitime. It just allows Tooele to keep the track open so it doesn't sit there costing the county precious tax dollars.

Here is NASA Utah's schedule for this year, I can't wait to burn some rubber!

March 11-13 – East Track

April 22-24 – West Track

May 20-22 – East Track

June 10-12 – West Track

July 15-17 – East Track

August 5-7 – Outer Track & 6hr Enduro

September 9-11 – Outer With NASCAR K&N Pro Series West

October 7-9 – TresDuro including Full Track