NASA HPDE 3 10/24/2015

Sad day the Utah NASA season has come to an end. I'm sad I didn't get my racing license this year as I expected. It means I have to work harder next year. I spoke with Matt (HPDE Director) and he predicts early next year I will get my license.

I am also sad that Miller Motorsports closed their doors on Oct 31st. But a Chinese Company called Mitime, swooped in and bought it. Thank goodness! I wasn't looking forward to moving to Colorado or something, well maybe, would have been cool to live in a new place. Utah NASA is super excited, they have already announced the 2016 schedule .

All and all my sessions were clean. I love running the outer loop! I used an app called Harry's Lap Timer to keep track of my times since June. I improved my time from August. In August I got 2:25:15, in Oct I got 2:23:46. Woot! Woot!

Although I was running fantastic out there. I noticed between sessions the front driver tire was being eaten alive on the inside. Which was weird because the previous times my tires worn out evenly. I thought I may have adjusted too much negative camber. When I got home I took off the tire to see the damage. The whole inside tire looked like a racing slick. The passenger front was not as worn down. I noticed the coilovers had tire rub marks that were not there before. I called my husband over to show him what I found and if he could figure out what was happening. He was just as confused as I was until I pushed on the brake caliper. The bolts on the bottom strut assembly were loose! The nuts were easy to take off by hand, I couldn't believe it! The other side wasn't as loose. They caused the tire to sit on a wicked negative camber.

My husband and I put the bolts back with red loctite on the bolts. I can't believe that even though we torqued the newly installed coilovers that the bolts came loose. For those of you that track your car has this happened to you before? If so, what do you do to make sure it doesn't happen again? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I spoke to the HPDE Director and told me that the exact thing happened to him. He said after awhile the bolts can't tighten because of over tempering. The best thing is to replace the bolts every 1 to 2 years.

Enjoy a video of Black Daisy and I go around the MMP Outer loop for the last time at Miller Motorsport.