Brake Pad Transfer

I never knew that there was such a thing was brake pad transfer. It is when the brake pad temperature has gone beyond the limit it was designed for and starts depositing pad material onto the rotors. Now I know why my brakes felt a bit weird; they felt a bit squishy during my race but not too horrible. Here is what mine look like after my last NASA race.

Found a few handy links

The hottest Hawk HP Plus pads can go before performance degrades is about 725˚ F. During racing I learned that brakes can get to about 1,000˚ F! Muy Caliente! Just wow, my poor little brakes, I abused the shit out of them. The Utah HPDE Director, Matt, recommended I get Hawk DTC-30 or DTC-60 brake pads. As you can see the chart below the DTC-30s max peak is around 900˚ F. But the DTC-6’s can get up to about 1250˚ F. I decided to purchase the DTC-60s to be on the safe side. But it sucks they only make them for the front brakes.

The DTC-60s are only meant for track use. They are not good for everyday driving because they don’t stop well when cold and they will eat up the rotors. But I have been told that the DTC-60s can help clean up the pad deposit on the rotors. I’ll let you know if that works or if I will have to clean up the deposit some other way. Can’t wait to try these brakes next weekend during the NASA race.