Race on 12/6/2014

Sorry folks for not posting for quite some time. The holidays can be crazy a times, fun, but crazy. I had a race a couple of weeks ago at Miller Motorsport. It was their 1st WinterX race of the season, it is a combination of track and autocross. They put cones in places on the track that force you to slow down because you can't take the right race line. It is quite interesting and tons of fun! You race no matter what the conditions on the track are. If there is snow, ice, or slush, you still race.

But since it hadn't snowed in Utah I switched out my winter tires to my Dunlop ZII's. The track conditions were perfect, it was nice and sunny, it was a warm 60 degrees. It was so warm I only needed my hoodie.

It took some getting used to the track but they gave us plenty of runs. Two practices in the morning and two timed races in the afternoon. I got about 20 laps around the 2.2 mile West Track.

I really struggled getting around corner #7 especially the Diablo corner. The way the cones where set up it made you stay tight on the left side of the turn, but the car naturally wanted to go right to set up for the next turn. I came in too hot and the back-end of the car picked up and it fished tailed. I smack one of the really big cones with rear passenger door, then I spun out on dirt. I was able to save it on the dirt and be on my way. Here is a pic of the imprint of the cone, ouch!

 I started with a lap time of 2:12 and knocked off 6 seconds with the lowest time of 2:06. I received a 3rd place trophy! I was so excited a got a medal, it's pretty cool Miller does that. If you are ever in Utah and want to do something different check out Miller Motorsport's website for more information:
The next one is in Jan 10th and 11th, it finally snowed in Utah on Christmas and is still going on. I hope this keeps up to race on the track with snow. I really want to try my hand at a bit of snow rallying.