Race on 10/4/2014

It was another sunny beautiful day to race at the Maverick Center. I FINALLY got to try my new Dunlop ZIIs. They are very different from the Z1s. They are quieter on the freeway and provide a softer ride. I couldn't put my finger on why at times they seemed to have alot more grip then my old tires but at the same time be slick in places my old tires were not. I have a theory that they allow me to go further on the limit then the old tires but once the limit has been reached they were not as forgiving as the old ones. It's sad that this is the last race for me this season, I won't another opportunity to get used to the tires until next year.

I will admit that this course was a difficult one for me. It consisted of a lot of turns that required one to stay really wide and then dive in. I struggled to stay patient while I was wide. I wanted to just dive into the corners but I knew my car would get really upset with me if I did. The fun parts were the big sweeper and the 2 slaloms. My fav part was the big sweeper it felt like I was rallying, the back end of my car would lift up enough slide around the corner but still have control on the front tires. 

On my 3rd run in the afternoon  I had a bit of a mishap, I laugh about now. I was coming in fast into the sweeper my car hit a few bumps and knocked down my visor. The visor hit my helmet and the shield, I couldn't see jack. I kept calm, pressed on the brakes, turned the car because I knew I was in the sweeper and kept fiddling with the visor that was pinned against my face shield. After I got the stupid visor up my car was totally not set up right for the rest of the course I ran over what I thought was a million cones. But surprisingly I only ran over four, not bad for not being able to see.

My best time was 55.822 which placed me 21st in PAX, I will get it next time.

Final Results
#26 - PE 26 Maverick 4_10_14 - Sat 10-04-2014
Total Registered: 67, with Times: 63

DS - 'D Stock' - Total Entries: 2 Trophies: 1Car ColorTimesTotal
1TDS18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRXBlack59.77358.47256.96756.77757.602+455.822

Pax Pos.Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelTotalFactorPax TimeDiff.From 1st
11GS72Christopher Cook2013 Ford Focus ST52.831*0.80642.5810.0000.000
21STX4Tyler Oborn2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS52.265*0.82743.2230.6420.642
31SMF126Matt LinfordCarmen50.941*0.85143.3500.1270.769
42SMF26Ryan Dillin1994 Mazda MX-651.276*0.85143.6350.2851.054
51STU44Tom Stokes2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX51.667*0.84643.7100.0751.129
61DSR52Gordon Anderson2009 Chevrolet Cobalt53.053*0.82543.7680.0581.187
71STR136Skyler Sisson2000 Mazda MX-5/Miata52.357*0.83843.8750.1071.294
82STU5Tracy Pitkin2006 Ford Mustang51.960*0.84643.9580.0831.377
92STR189Michael Carpenter2009 Nissan 370z52.539*0.83844.0270.0691.446
101SM9Dylan Hanseen2004 Subaru WRX STI50.620*0.87044.0390.0121.458
112STX41David Benson2008 Mazda MazdaSpeed353.361*0.82744.1290.0901.548
123STU1Evan Kooda2007 Subaru WRX STI52.196*0.84644.1570.0281.576
131ES84Wes Dodson1999 Mazda MX-554.275*0.81444.1790.0221.598
142SM91STEPHEN CURTIS50.890*0.87044.2740.0951.693
153STR89Kevin Schultz2008 Honda S2K53.033*0.83844.4410.1671.860
163SM10Dallin Felton2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X51.095*0.87044.4520.0111.871
171GSL72Breanna Campbell2013 Ford Focus ST55.253*0.80644.5330.0811.952
181HS1Mike Beck2000 Subaru RS56.240*0.79744.8230.2902.242
194STU46Kris Bruington2005 BMW M353.131*0.84644.9480.1252.367
204STR91Brandon Davis2009 Mazda MX-554.198*0.83845.4170.4692.836
211DS18Jamie Moreno2009 Subaru WRX55.822*0.81545.4940.0772.913