Just Starting Out

I never thought in a million years I would be blogging, but for my own sanity I thought it would be good to document my journey in becoming a professional race car driver. Similarly I thought this might be helpful for other women who love cars and racing.

My name is Jamie I am a 28 year old Latino American female. I have been racing in Autocross (Solo) on and off for about five years. It has been a lot of fun but, there is so much more to learn. One of my life's goal is to win a trophy in D Street class at the SCCA Solo National Championship. I feel that this could be a stepping stone to become a Pro Driver.

Currently I am racing a black 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX. I first bought this car brand new while I was living in Virginia. I never owned or driven a Subie before. My first impressions were it wasn't much of a looker. When the dealership started it, it had this low rumbling sound it was sooo delicious. As I drove it normally the car was calm and composed. Once the RPM hit 4000 the turbo kicks in and throws you back into your seat. What a rush!!! At that point I didn't care that it didn't have Bluetooth or a good stereo system I just wanted to go faster. I love my Subie, we have been through so much and have travel from coast to coast. Whenever I feel down all I have to do is take a short drive and my Subie cheers me up. I know for some of you it seems insane to love a car so much. But I have so much fun with it that I can't deny my love for it.

Over the years I have been upgrading my car as much as my class allows me. The following is the current set up of my car:

Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec (225/45R17) tires
OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels
Whiteline Rear Sway bar - 22mm X heavy duty blade adjustable
Kartboy Rear Endlinks
Hawk Performance HP Plus Brake Pads
Centric Premium Brake Rotors
ATE Type200 Brake Fluid

Later on I will post pics of my car and go into details why I pick the above products. Also I'll go into what Autocross is. 

Ciao Jamie