Woman of the Week on Motorsport Sisterhood


If you haven't heard of Motorsports Sisterhood now you have. Motorsports Sisterhood is ran by Bridget  (Brij) Schuil who is amazing! She is so smart, eloquent, and friendly! Brij is from Zimbabwe she's a writer, activist, and coach. I reached out to her because I found her take on Motorsports fascinating. I think we talked about an hour and a half but I seriously could of talked to her all day.

We talked about academic papers about women in Motorsports, if you are interested you should check out the following:

Something Less than a Driver: Toward an Understanding of Gendered Bodies in Motorsport
By Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder

What on Earth are They Doing in a Racing Car?’: Towards an Understanding of Women in Motorsport
by Jordan J.K. Matthews & Elizabeth C.J. Pike

I am so proud to be interviewed by her, check it out! here: http://www.motorsportsisterhood.org/blog/february-28th-2018

If you want to find out more about the Motorsport Sisterhood check out the link: http://www.motorsportsisterhood.org/faq.html