Bondurant Racing School-Day 3

The morning starts off in the classroom with an instructor talking about how it went out on the track the day prior. The instructors were proud of all of us because there were no spin outs. We discussed areas where we had problems and how to correct them. First half of the morning we go out to the track only utilizing lake loop and carousel sections. My car was fitted with brand new Goodyear Eagle SuperSport tires. We got to follow the instructor around the track at first I was able to practice heel-toe a lot, I think I'm really getting the handle on it!

I went into the pits to ask my instructor about where he up shifts after turn 2a and to my surprise Bob Bondurant came out and greeted us! He is super friendly to talk to. He asked why I was there. I told him I currently race in time attack and wanted to improve my skills. He asked what car, I told him about my Subie. He said, "You'll learn a lot more in this car." Pointing at the Challenger. He was right, I did learn a lot about how to be accurate. He let me take a pic with him. Don't my mind cheesy horrible selfie with him, I was just so excited to meet him!

After track time we got to practice race starts but first the instructors demonstrated how to do it. It was so freaking cool, it was an unexpected adrenaline rush!

They opened up the original Number 1 turn for us to go through for race starts. It's a freaking fast corner, I was easily going 90 mph. We had to do double file race starts twice. So we got to experience both what it would be like in pole position and not pole position. Then we got to try out single file restarts once. I was behind pole position for single file start and saw the green flag before the corner but pole position did not. But my lead foot got the best of me. I oversteered really bad around the corner and lost all of my momentum. I had an opportunity to overtake and messed it up. *sigh* Next time.

We got to take a long lunch since the 3 day HPDE program was using the track. We got to do a bit of autocross fun after lunch. We got paired up in cars and followed the instructor into the course. I forgot how much I miss autocross. The course was tight and turned in on itself. We were given 1 practice and 2 timed session. The last session I decided to put the car in track mode, I was feeling adventurous. Then it was my partners turn. He was a bit heavy on the throttle and cause the car to spin. He agreed that it's probably best if the car is left on it on default, lol! 

We went back to the classroom to talk about the rest of the track. The instructors were adding in Maricopa Oval. We hopped in the instructors cars to learn how to add the transitions from Maricopa Oval to Lake Loop. After we went out and followed the instructor around the track so we can get a feel for it. The elevation change in the transitions were sooooo much fun!!! I loved it when the car got some air through turn 7. I got some serious speed from turn 4 all the way to 8. It felt like I was going 100 mph. The rest of the afternoon we go to going around and around the track. My instructor said I only had to places I needed to work on. The first was opening wider for turn 4 and brake earlier not so deep. The 2nd thing was to brake earlier but lighter and longer into turn 9 since now I was carrying so much speed. I still need to work on braking before turn 9, I was cooking my brakes that a few times I had to get off or do a cool down lap to cool off the brakes.

After a day of track practice we left our Hellcats for the last time. We went back to the classroom to talk about what is going to go on tomorrow with the Formula Mazda cars. And they annoced the times from autocross, I got 3rd place! Not bad! I can't wait until tomorrow!!! First time on the track with slicks, first time in an open wheel car, ekkkk! I can hardly contain myself.