I am so honored that Sam Parker from Badassery Magazine asked me to be a contributor! If you haven't heard of about Badassery Magazine I'll tell you about them. It's an awesome magazine featuring badass women succeeding in their industry. These women are making waves, breaking stereotypes, and making a difference.

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I wanted to contribute meaningful lessons I have learned from racing that have helped grow my mental resiliency. Racing is a mental game as it is physical. My hope is that these lessons resonate with someone who might be struggling. The following are the 4 lessons I have learned:

  1. Drive in the Moment
  2. Drive to the Next Corner
  3. Drive Through the Fear
  4. Drive with Passion

Check out the lessons in full detail in the digital magazine link below, page 39.


International Women's Day

Wow it is such an honor to be recognized as one of five inspiring women in Utah! I sat down with Yvette Cruz from KSL online to talk to her about racing and the lack of women in it. Check out the audio interview in the link below:


Then a couple of weeks later to my surprise I get a letter from one of Utah's Representative's,  John Curtis. I'm still speechless and in shock. I thought this letter was spam about ripped in half in opening the envelope. LOL!